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      About iMEDWAY

      Digital Twin Enables Healthcare Success
      iMEDWAY is a healthcare IT provider headquartered in Beijing, China. iMEDWAY's main products include the Hospital Operation System (HOS), City Medical Business Operating System (CMOS), Digital Hospital, Digital Regional Healthcare, Digital Medical Insurance, Internet Healthcare, Digital Aging, and Digital Disease Control, among others....

      Product Strategy

      Our product strategy centers around the pillars of "Digital Twin" and "Intelligence," forming the foundation for our solution.

      Following the methodology of comprehensive governance of production factors and thorough business processes, iMEDWAY utilizes the concept of "digital twin" to digitally model and integrate real-life scenarios of medical institutions, city healthcare, and operational management. This approach involves expressing the relationships between production elements, positions, and operations at the finest granularity, resulting in a comprehensive business operation system, iMedical HOS, and CMOS.

      iMedical HOS and CMOS possess capabilities of "perception and memory," "learning and thinking," and "insight and adaptation." They intelligently match and schedule underlying resources based on the need of hospitals and city healthcare. By perceiving and measuring business and resource attributes, learning and training quickly determine the form of business nodes and provide support and intervention. Identifying issues and executing decisions timely ,and create a new intelligent center for hospitals and city healthcare.

      "Digital Twin and intelligence" is the core of product strategy for iMEDWAY.

      Innovation Strategy

      The core of innovation strategy is "products," "technology," and "business models."

      Innovation is the cornerstone of iMEDWAY, driving our core values and approach.

      iMEDWAY is committed to continuous innovation in the dimensions of products, technology, and business models, providing more valuable products and services for customers.

      Ecological Strategy

      The core of ecological strategy is "integration, openness, and symbiosis."

      The construction of smart hospitals and smart city healthcare requires consensus and collaboration among IT system vendors across the entire ecological chain. It necessitates the establishment of unified standards for various business domains and interoperability standards among IT systems.

      The "integration, openness, and symbiosis" ecological strategy is essential for symbiotic relationships with ecological enterprises to achieve smart hospitals and smart city healthcare.

      An open and inclusive ecological strategy aligns with the direction and positioning of iMEDWAY.

      Customer Success Strategy

      The core of customer success strategy is "empowerment."

      For over 20 years, iMEDWAY has been dedicated to serving and supporting more than 1,000 loyal customers. The development of the company has driven the success of its customers, and the success of customers has contributed to the company's glory. iMEDWAY is committed to using professional consulting services to assist customers in streamlining, closing the loop, and optimizing business processes. It continuously upgrades and iterates products to meet customers' evolving goals and visions.

      The iterative process of "governance, product or solution, and consulting" integrates comprehensive business scenarios, rules and regulations, cultural concepts, and management philosophies into products, empowering customers to efficiently, transparently, and intelligently operate their businesses.

      Enabling customer success is the highest goal that drives iMEDWAY forward.

      The spirit will guide us forever.iMEDWAY will uphold its innovation strategy, product strategy, ecological strategy, and customer success strategy. It will persistently fulfill its vision of "technology Cares for eople's Health" and its highest development goal of "Digital Twin Enables Healthcare Success."

      Product Strategy

      Our product strategy centers around the pillars of "Digital Twin" and "Intelligence," forming the foundation for our solution.

      Product Strategy
      Innovation Strategy

      The core of innovation strategy is "products," "technology," and "business models."

      Innovation Strategy
      Ecological Strategy

      The core of ecological strategy is "integration, openness, and symbiosis."

      Ecological Strategy
      Customer Success Strategy

      The core of customer success strategy is "empowerment."

      Customer Success Strategy

      Corporate Culture

      Development History

      1999 DHC Software Co.,Ltd entered the field of healthcare

      and established the Medical and Health Division. It signed the first digital hospital project successfully, the China Petroleum Center Hospital Digital Hospital Construction Project

      2002-2003 Successfully developed information systems for Beijing Anzhen Hospital

      Beijing Friendship Hospital, and Harbin Medical University First Affiliated Hospital. The first fully B/S architecture digital hospital systems in China were launched at Datong Third People's Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, and Hunan Second Xiangya Hospital.

      2004-2005 The first fully B/S architecture digital hospital systems in China were launched at Datong Third People's Hospital

      Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, and Hunan Second Xiangya Hospital.

      2006-2008 Successfully won bids for Sichuan University West China Hospital

      Sichuan University West China Second Hospital, and China Medical University First Hospital digital hospital projects.

      2011 Undertook the upgrade and transformation project of China Medical Sciences Academy Beijing Union Hospital's digital hospital

      Established research and development bases in Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, and other cities, initiating the development of PACS systems, surgical anesthesia systems, intensive care systems, and regional medical series new products.

      2012 Undertook the project

      Undertook the project "Research and Practice of High-end Electronic Medical Record Systems for Clinical Processes" of the National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program)

      2014 Established a subsidiary

      Healthjoy Software Co., Ltd., to enter the internet healthcare industry and obtained an internet hospital license in 2019.

      2015 Acquired a controlling stake in Beijing Wanxing Newry Technology Development Co., Ltd.

      officially entering the field of healthcare cost control with DRGs technology. Currently, over 480 hospitals are using Donghua's DRGs products and services.

      2018 Established iMEDWAY

      enriching the iMedical brand concept with the idea of "governance" and embarking on a transformation from HIT to HDT, transitioning from information technology to data-driven technology. - Established the Medical Insurance Division to expand healthcare insurance informationization services. - Established the Hospital Comprehensive Operation and Management (HRP) Division to improve smart management product systems. - Tencent invested in Donghua Software Co., Ltd.

      2019 iMEDWAY Technology and Tencent Cloud jointly launched the iMedical Cloud

      a large-scale health and medical service internet ecosystem platform, and officially launched the product. - Released the "Health chain Solution" based on blockchain technology, which was awarded the "CITE2019 Excellent Blockchain Solution" - Successfully won bids for the construction project of the National Healthcare Security Administration's Healthcare Security Information Platform and the People's Insurance Group's Intelligent Review System.

      2020 Completed the EMR deployment of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital within 15 days

      Assisted the National Health Commission in launching the COVID-19 prevention and control data query platform. - Announced three new core strategies: "Twinning, Intelligence, and Empowerment," and released three new products: iMedical HOS (Hospital comprehensive business Operating System), CMOS (City Medical business Operating System), and intelligent medical communication terminals (Medphone)

      2021 Awarded the inaugural National May Day Labor Certificate in the HIT field

      - Recognized as a national key software enterprise. - Ranked in multiple lists, including the most influential company in healthcare informationization and the most competitive Hospital Information System (HIS) enterprise in 2021. - Successfully implemented iMedical HOS, utilizing a value subscription model, across 31 hospitals nationwide

      2022 Officially introduced iMEDWAY methodology for smart hospital and urban healthcare construction

      as well as the unique "One-Five-One" value subscription model (referred to as iMEDWAY value subscription)

      2023 Released iMedical HOS 2.0 and CMOS 2.0.

      Released iMedical HOS 2.0 and CMOS 2.0.


      Core Competencies

      The comprehensive competitiveness of the company and its product brands is mainly reflected in nine aspects, namely

      Deep understanding of smart medical systems

      - Vision, production, and economic management business activities, business processes; - Business process twinning modeling, modeling three elements (production factors, positions and tasks); - Business twinning modeling is a necessary condition for the realization of smart hospitals and city smart healthcare, and IT implementation is a necessary condition for the realization of smart hospitals and city smart healthcare.


      iMEDWAY methodology

      iMEDWAY has pioneered a unique, systematic methodology for building smart healthcare, known as the iMEDWAY methodology. The methodology includes three components: - Methodology for twinning modeling of production factors; - Methodology for twinning modeling of business processes; - Methodology for IT implementation of business activities: governance, products or solutions, consulting.


      Leadership in industry technology and product innovation

      The data-intelligence foundation consisting of iBDP and DTS is the core technology and product innovation of iMEDWAY: - iBDP, a powerful data-intelligence platform, consists of application support platform, data center, knowledge center, unified resource management platform, unified file management platform, IoT platform, etc.; - DTS, a business twinning (modeling) and decision-making platform.


      Product maturity

      - iMedical HOS/CMOS supports almost all business scenarios in smart healthcare; - A delivery expert team and consulting expert team familiar with segmental business logic and business models; - Nearly 20 years of product application with the unique fully B/S architecture in the industry; - Certification of international medical IT standards, such as IHE and FHIR; - Over 1000 major health users; - 293 software copyrights, multiple patent certificates, etc.


      Business Operation System (BOS)

      - Ensures the quality and efficiency of product development and delivery; - Various standard systems are reflected in specific business processes of BOS, ensuring the effective implementation of the system, such as CMMI, ITSS, CCRC, SDCA, CS standards, and IHE, FHIR protocol standards; - Sharing BOS processes and data with customers to jointly supervise the comprehensive quality of demand delivery and business process launch.


      Market recognition

      - Undertaking core business of top 100 hospitals represented by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan University; - iMedical has the highest market share in core business systems of top 100 hospitals; - 99% customer stickiness, successful delivery of over 1000 customer information systems, deep domain experience;


      Value subscription

      iMEDWAY pioneered the value subscription business model in the field of major health informationization. - Value subscription is a specific expression of iMEDWAY's confidence in its product capabilities and the breadth and depth of business coverage; - Value subscription helps hospitals achieve comprehensive dataization of all assets and comprehensive process dataization of enterprise vision;


      Sense of social responsibility and commitment

      - iMEDWAY is the only recipient of the National May Day Labor Certificate in the field of major health informationization; - During critical moments, the company stepped forward with 71 medical warriors assisting in the IT construction of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, demonstrating its strong sense of social responsibility.


      Sufficient R&D expenses and good operating conditions

      - iMEDWAY is a key software enterprise within the national planning layout, a municipal-level enterprise technology center in Beijing, and a 3A-rated enterprise; - These certifications are evidence of iMEDWAY's sufficient R&D expenses and good operating conditions.


      Honors of iMEDWAY